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Origin: Africa
Latin Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum
The commercially important wood is reminiscent of mahogany, with a distinctive figure, typically applied where figure is important. It is sought after as flooring for its durability and beautiful graining. Among its more exotic uses is that in guitar manufacturing, in the top, back and sides of acoustic guitar bodies as well as the tops of electric guitar bodies, for example by well known guitar manufacturers such as Ibanez (Japan/USA), Taylor (USA), Martin (USA), Larrivée (Canada) and Esteve (Spain). Leading folk harp manufacturer Dusty Strings (in Seattle, WA, USA) also makes very high-quality 26- and 36-string harps of sapele. Sapele is also used for the neck piece of ukuleles due to its pleasant aesthetic quality, by such manufacturers as the Hawaiian companies Kamaka and Koaloha. Late in the 90s, it started to be used as a board for Basque percussion instruments txalaparta on the strength of the livelier quality of the sound. It is also used by American car maker Cadillac for interior wood trim on its vehicles, with advertising for the Cadillac CTS highlighting the phrase "Sapele wood accents." The wood has a density of 640 kg per cubic metre.

live two edges
Lots of logs in stock, kiln dried, call for pictures, sizes and pricing

$ 14.00 B/F LARGE & WIDE
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Note: pictures shown are only a depiction of what this wood specie looks like and not necessarily the exact grain pattern and color you may receive. Wood being a natural product we will try to select what you are looking for.

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BF - Board Foot:
A measurment of volume equal to Rough Length in feet x Rough Width in inches x Rough Thickness in inches divided by 12. (If length is also in inches, divide by 144.(Also known as BM or Board Measure.)
SF - Square Foot
LF - Lineal Foot
F/C - Flat Cut
L/S - Live Sawn
RW - Random Widths
RL - Random Lengths
##”+W - Minimum Width:
## indicates the minimum width of that item.
>##&”W - Maximum Width:
## indicates the maximum width of that item.
##”+L: - Minimum Width:
## indicates the minimum length of that item.
>##”L - Minimum Width:
## indicates the maximum length of that item.
R4F - Red 4 Face
Fig. - Figured
Forest Stewardship Council
Gr. AA / Grade AA:
Something we consider exceptional and/or above our normal high quality.
KD - Kiln Dry:
Woods dryed in North America are dried to 6-9% MC.
Wood dried in Europe are dried to 9-12% MC
AD - Air Dry(ing):
15% MC to Green (Fresh Cut) Please inquire as to age, or current MoistureContent.
PC - Particle Core:
Applies to some Plywoods only.
VC - Veneer Core:
Applies to some Plywoods only.
VL - Value Line Veneer
CL - Clearance Veneer
Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species
GIS - Good 1 side, Sound 1 side:
Refers to sheetgoods. Indicates that only one side of the sheet is of the indicated specie.The back will vary.
GSO - Good 1 side, Sound 1 side:
Refers to Sheetgoods. Indicates that both sides are of the specie indicated but the Good side is of better quality.



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