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Note: pictures shown are only a depiction of what this wood specie looks like and not necessarily the exact grain pattern and color you may receive. Wood being a natural product we will try to select what you are looking for.

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BF - Board Foot:
A measurment of volume equal to Rough Length in feet x Rough Width in inches x Rough Thickness in inches divided by 12. (If length is also in inches, divide by 144.(Also known as BM or Board Measure.)
SF - Square Foot
LF - Lineal Foot
F/C - Flat Cut
L/S - Live Sawn
RW - Random Widths
RL - Random Lengths
##”+W - Minimum Width:
## indicates the minimum width of that item.
>##&”W - Maximum Width:
## indicates the maximum width of that item.
##”+L: - Minimum Width:
## indicates the minimum length of that item.
>##”L - Minimum Width:
## indicates the maximum length of that item.
R4F - Red 4 Face
Fig. - Figured
Forest Stewardship Council
Gr. AA / Grade AA:
Something we consider exceptional and/or above our normal high quality.
KD - Kiln Dry:
Woods dryed in North America are dried to 6-9% MC.
Wood dried in Europe are dried to 9-12% MC
AD - Air Dry(ing):
15% MC to Green (Fresh Cut) Please inquire as to age, or current MoistureContent.
PC - Particle Core:
Applies to some Plywoods only.
VC - Veneer Core:
Applies to some Plywoods only.
VL - Value Line Veneer
CL - Clearance Veneer
Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species
GIS - Good 1 side, Sound 1 side:
Refers to sheetgoods. Indicates that only one side of the sheet is of the indicated specie.The back will vary.
GSO - Good 1 side, Sound 1 side:
Refers to Sheetgoods. Indicates that both sides are of the specie indicated but the Good side is of better quality.



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